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Are you considering studying abroad, to extend your viewpoints, explore a new country or experience another culture? Then the Netherlands may be your ideal universal study destination.

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About The Netherlads

Are you considering studying abroad, to extend your viewpoints, explore a new country or experience another culture? Then the Netherlands may be your ideal universal study destination. Get a Bachelor's or a Master's degree in a globally acclaimed environment, where, teaching is open and casual, based on sharing debates for new insights.

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Career Counseling

It is always difficult for the students to select which career path they should follow. We will help students through providing such informations like best country information, university details, best available options, all details related to visa purpose. We try our best to provide versatile and best information to all our Students.

Course Selection

We provide special attention to student course selection procedure for The Netherlands with highlighting their past academic records to avoid error free application. We assist students in choosing the right course as it can change their whole life! We help students to select the right career path for studying in The Netherlands.

University Selection

We will assist students in selecting the right university with respect to location, ranking, and courses offered by university. We provide all the information to student would need about the resources, amenities, accommodation and transportation available to enable them to choose the best university/college considering their interest, ability and available funds.

Visa Assistance

As you know Country wise the visa procedure is different. We will assist you in the requirement of the documents and the proceeding for visa application for The Netherlands. Students wants the best and easy guidance for the visa procedure. Visa being an important part of the complete procedure - for all the students it is important to gain the same.

Scholarship Assistance

Scholarship is an award which can be used for travel, fees and accommodation. Lot of student are not aware that they can be eligible to get international scholarships by government institutes and other organizations. We will help students to get specific scholarship which student can be eligible and guide them accordingly for the application procedures of different scholarships in different countries and universities.

Pre Departure Guide

The Pre-departure guide we provide to the students aims to give them clear idea of the issues to consider at their departure. This guideline is a great platform for the students to find out about the Step by step preparation required before they fly to the Netherlands and a unique opportunity for students to assess their chosen destination for higher education.




Discovering accommodation in the Netherlands is generally quite difficult. The request is high and the supply is moderately low. This implies finding an affordable place to live in big urban areas like Amsterdam, or some other college city truly, can be extremely difficult for a student.


Cost of Living

The cost of living for basic items is the primary cost required in studying in the Netherlands. However, the expenses are probably not going to be higher than those included in studying in the United Kingdom. A few urban areas are clearly more costly than others, with Amsterdam being the most costly destination.


Health Insurance

Everybody in the Netherlands must have insurance for medicinal costs. Which type of healthcare protection you require relies on upon your own circumstance.

There are three different sorts of cover: Dutch public healthcare insurance, an EU Health Insurance Card or a private insurance.


There are many reasons why you should consider studying in the Netherlands but ultimately the most important components will be diverse for each and every one of you.

  • Everybody Speaks English

    Most people in the Netherlands communicate in English to a very high standard, and many courses at Dutch colleges are offered in English. Not only does this mean Dutch training is more available to non- Dutch talking individuals, however it additionally means it is way easier to mix and make companions.

  • Educational cost Fees

    Educational cost charges in the Netherlands are just 1,700 euros for students from inside the EU every year - extremely reasonable, considering that expenses in the UK can be up to £9,000. The typical cost for basic items in the Netherlands is genuinely normal for Western Europe, however not as costly as other well-known destinations, similar to Switzerland.

  • Transport

    Being such a small nation with efficient, well-connected train lines and a 40% discounts for students, you truly needn't bother with a car in the Netherlands. You will probably require a bike - the nation has a broad system of cycle ways that are a broadly prominent and eco-friendly approach to get from A to B. Traveling to and from your addresses, and the nation over, couldn't be easier.

  • Diversity

    As a nation with less natural resources than others, the Netherlands has a history trade and collaboration. Therefore, it is known for being multi-social and welcoming of guests from abroad - in fact, it is home to more than 190 different nationalities, and 10% of the whole student population is international.